The Movement

The time is now to start a movement. Not just talk about it.


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SOMWR is a pioneering movement. For the future, we have nothing less in mind than to reinvent the way products are brought to the market. Corporations hold responsibility for the future in their hands.

Why? Because corporations get the wheels turning, sending motions of actions across the world. Especially when parts of their income is reserved to help restore nature, and to deliver what is right to people in society.

somwr proves its values through action. somwr cares for a future of freedom that is worth living.

After all, life’s a beach. The fundamental is that these beaches, coasts, reefs, shorelines, forests, grasslands and all-natural habitats must be left in a better condition than before.

We plant mangroves, we collect plastic, we pay fair wages, we use ORGANIC COTTON as the main fabrics of our clothes (and we will tell you why later). We raise our voices in governmental circles and fund our own programs, we educate, we care for clean water and actively help to develop technologies that increase the efficiency of recycling or help to avoid single use plastics. We even partner with the larger CO2 polluters to help influence their directions.

We are the resistance of the 21st century on its own line.

Did you know?

All income on products of the Starboard corporation is taxed internally. This “tax” is dedicated to meaningful environmental and educational programs

Our Style


Women Sweater
Sizes: XXS XS S M L XL


Women Zip-Hoodie
Sizes: XXS XS S M L XL


Women Shorts
Sizes: XS S M L XL


Women Sweater
Sizes: XXS XS S M L XL

Planet Somwr


School & Industry programs, Education For Recycling, Plastic Free Workshops, Environmental-Education

Starboard, ‘Ambassadors for the Planet’, environmentally awarded ambassadors & networks

Percentage on purchase price for climate fund

The first overall approach towards a 10 and up to 1000 x Climate Positive apparel solution

Worldview International Foundation’ planting at ‘Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park

Global sales with eco pledge commitment within the Starboard group

Percentage on purchase price for Plastic Offset Program with 83 Collectors, 50,000 kg in 12 months, scaled up with mighty when Somwr kicks off