Let’s Start SOMWR!


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SOMWR is a pioneering movement.

Together we fight climate change & ocean plastic pollution.

We plant mangroves to draw down at least 10X CO2 emissions of your SOMWR apparel and pick up as much beach/ ocean trash as the weight of your certified organic fabrics SOMWR collection.

For items like Climate Hero and Ocean Hero we do much more together.


We think of our apparel collection as tools to help fund regeneration of nature.

Join the Movement with SOMWR and
Become a Future Fighter.

Our beaches, coasts, reefs, forests, grasslands and all-natural habitats must be preserved and we want to bring back to life the ones that are struggling.

We build the resistance of the 21st century, utilizing verified natural technology.

Did you know?

All income on products of the Starboard is taxed internally and this “tax” is dedicated to reforestation, beach/ ocean plastic collection and several educational programs.

SOMWR has two collections for the Future Fighters:

We plant mangroves and collect plastic and trash from the beaches 🫶

#somwrmovement #jointheresistance

Girl power 🫶 at SOMWR x Racer of the Sea Girls Camp ✨💙 we love to see more women being involved in extreme sports like windsurfing 💪

#doitlikeagirl #somwrmovement #jointheresistance

Because we want a future worth living 🫶 remembering the SOMWR x PWA x Project Biodiversity Beach Cleanup at Cabo Verde with almost all the riders 💙🤩

#somwrmovement #jointheresistance

Good morning, but first coffee ☕️😮‍💨 featuring the PWA capsule collection t-shirt 🫶

#somwrmovement #jointheresistance

Let’s go SOMWR together 💙

#somwrmovement #jointheresistance

Save the earth, but make it fashion 💦💚

#somwrmovement #jointheresistance

Lena just planted a mangrove… literally! Because with her JUST PLANTED A MANGROVE TEE we plant a mangrove 🌱

#somwrmovement #jointheresistance

Can’t get enough of our Future Fighter @odajohanne_windsurfing 🫶💚 shop her style from the link in the bio!

📸: @rafasoulart

What we have done until today

Click on the button to see out achievements.

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Planet Somwr