A climate-first apparel brand.

For every item sold…

We want to plant 10 million trees

We need your help to make it happen.

By purchasing SOMWR products you help us reach this goal, absorbing over 5 million tonnes CO2.


Check out our new collection in collaboration with Fridays for Future!


What is Fridays for Future?

Fridays for Future (FFF) is a youth-led movement which started in 2018 when 15-year-old Greta Thunberg and other young climate activists protested outside Swedish parliament every school day for three weeks due to the lack of action on the climate crisis. Now, FFF helps young people from over 200 countries take action and put pressure on policymakers to make meaningful changes.

In addition to planting one mangrove and collecting 1.4kg plastic, for every item purchased in this collection €2 is donated to FFF to help support their awesome work.

SOMWR is a forward thinking, climate-first apparel brand.

All of our products are designed to have the least ecological impact possible.

Even so, we recognise ourselves as polluters, and so for our unavoidable emissions we make sure that we offset them 10x over.

That’s why we plant one mangrove and pick up 1.4kg of beach plastic for every item sold. Yes, every single one.

We’re way past net zero, we are 10x climate positive.

Did you know?

The average person creates 1.4kg ocean plastic waste each year.

For every product purchased, we pick up at least that much, stopping it from reaching the ocean.


Wouldn’t you want the future generations to be able to have the same view? 💚 with our new Fridays for Future collection we are donating 2 EUR per sold garment directly to Fridays for Future Germany in order to support them 🫶 shop link in bio!

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It might be the first of December, but it’s always sunny somewhere in the world ☀️ featuring our UNSTOPPABLE Tee from the Fridays for Future collection – link in bio! 🫶

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KEEP IT IN THE GROUND 💚☀️ Fridays for Future Drop is available on our webshop – link in bio! 2€ per sold t-shirt will be donated to Fridays for Future Germany directly! 🫶

LAST 2 DAYS UNTIL THE DROP🔥 here’s a little sneak peek of our team’s factory visit while these awesome @fridaysforfuture.de t-shirts were being produced 🫶 2€ per sold t-shirt will go directly to Fridays for Future to support them! 😍

Let’s remember what @antoinewindsurfing did for 50 mangroves! 🫶🤪 fastest change for our planet, that’s for sure!! 🌱

#somwrmovement #jointheresistance

❓WHO PRONOUNCED IT BETTER❓We asked some of the riders to pronounce SOMWR last year in Cabo Verde 🇨🇻 where we also made the event 10X climate positive 🫶 for our beaches, oceans, planet, and our future! 🌱

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