The Best Brand For The Planet

SOMWR’s first approach is apparel focused. We need to reach beyond sports equipment and into everyone’s daily life.

With grassroots mass movements, we make the change. We spoke about our internal tax so, when people get on board with Somwr, we plant more mangroves absorbing C02 from the atmosphere and protecting coastal areas from strong waves and weathering. We make more beaches plastic-free, educate not only children but adults too, all the way from universities to the private sector and governments.

The projects provide income to the mangrove planters in the Climate park and the beach plastic collectors in the Plastic Offset program.

Did you know?

100% of Starboard‘s net profit over the last 4 years was invested in funds to finance environmental projects and educational programs. We believe that our intelligent species will question blind economic drive and get back to its Greek roots and its simple meaning, “best household”. We are all on planet SOMWR.“

Together For Our Planet

Each choice we make leaves an imprint.

Let‘s be proud of the traces we leave! Carbon Dioxide will be sunk back into the ground and removed from the air we breathe, plastic will be removed from the beaches and people will be educated through these actions. This will be the imprint of your purchase with SOMWR.

Join as a SOMWR activist and seek out others who wear SOMWR. Get stoked when you see someone else with a planet SOMWR logo on their front. Perhaps embrace a conversation of how you see life on planet SOMWR the future.

SOMWR Is Climate Positive

Somwr is a climate positive brand. Yes, and has even been 10 x climate positive right from the beginning.

Trees have been planted to sink the company‘s carbon dioxide emissions since 1994. In the Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park in Myanmar we have planted more than 500,000 mighty mangrove trees for the company.

As well as plastic being removed from Chonburi, Thailand by our very own team, the conscious production chain of our goods we can safely claim that all SOMWR products are 10 x Climate Positive right from the start.

Did you know?

Starboard is a “Past Positive” company. „Meaning the emissions created for all the company’s running have been accounted for. Mangrove trees have been planted to absorb the estimated emissions from 1994, the very beginning of the life of Starboard.“