The Best Brand For The Planet

SOMWR’s first approach is apparel focused, to reach beyond sports and onto streets.

Imagine that the effect of refreshing your wardrobe results in a reduction of climate gases and beach/ ocean plastic litter. Our experiment is to showcase how brands and commerce can be a contributor to a better climate and ocean health. 50 % of the carbon absorbed in the Climate Park is being sold to create funds for WIF and its ambitious livelihood programs .

With grassroots movements we make change.

Did you know?

Starboard, SOMWR’s sister company, has over the years invested funds to finance environmental projects and educational programs for schools and sports associations. They have also built several elementary schools in Myanmar.“

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Planet SOMWR

Each choice we make leaves an imprint.

Let‘s be proud of the traces we leave! Carbon Dioxide will be sunk back into the ground and plastic will be removed from the beaches.

Join as a SOMWR activist and seek out others who wear SOMWR.

Get stoked when you see someone else with a planet SOMWR logo on their front. Perhaps embrace a conversation of how you see life on planet SOMWR in the future.

SOMWR Is More Than Climate Positive

Somwr is a climate positive brand. Yes, and has even been 10x climate positive right from the beginning.

Trees have been planted to sink the company‘s carbon dioxide emissions since 1994. In the WIF Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park in Myanmar, we have together with Starboard planted more than 1,000,000 mighty mangrove trees for our companies.

Did you know?

Starboard is a “Past Positive” company. „Meaning the emissions created for all the company’s running have been accounted for. Mangrove trees have been planted to absorb the estimated emissions from 1994, the very beginning of the life of Starboard.“