Pioneers in our on realm?

Dr. Thor Heyerdahl dramatically pinpointed the deteriorating state of the world’s oceans by describing how they had seen no oil pollution during the rafting across the pacific in the Kon Tiki in 1947, yet on the raft expeditions across the Atlantic in the 1960’s, he had been surrounded by floating gobs of oil.

Heyerdahl later managed to convince the UN to introduce the first regulations against oil pollution at sea.

Thor was also among the first in the world to raise awareness on climate change and campaigned strongly for reduction of greenhouse gasses. He founded the ‘Worldview International Foundation’ together with Dr Arne Fjoertoft, the base for the ‘WIF Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park’. The torch has been passed to us at planet SOMWR to strengthen the movement.

Part Of The Solution

Meet the wildcards; artists, innovators, fabric experts, educators, wildcards, parents, superhero kids and Mangrove planters.

SOMWR through synergy.

For 10 years Timo built a core innovative award-winning sustainable apparel brand. Svein created the world’s favourite watersports brand awarded with 2 Olympic disciplines and turned it all into a better brand for the planet.

They are connected through windsurfing ever since, and now is the time to synergize everything they have learnt to create infinite pro planet horizons.


Sarah and Linzi worked on environmental educational systems as a pet project with Starboard, Tasmin got snatched from her travels to manage all environmental projects, while plant-based IT guru Viktor brings tech and planet together in the team.

George landed from Athens, creating most of the amazing SOMWR logos, 13-year-old Mayar created Planet SOMWR and brings ultimate youth to our experienced team. Nik helps our sourcing team and keeping track of it all. It’s all just happening as the perfect storm.

And Dr. Arne Fjoertoft, the cornerstone in the Bay of Bengal, responsible for Asia’s first Blue Carbon Climate park. With 81 years he is our veteran in the game.

These wildcards got together just in time

Dr. Arne Fjoertoft
Today, we live in a global village. It is threatened by climate change.

Our vision and commitment to this challenge will determine living conditions for our children, grandchildren and future generations. This is the most fundamental challenge in human history. We have to act quickly with effective solutions. Restoring lost mangrove forests is a practical, meaningful contribution to strengthening nature’s own methods for balancing the climate, tested over thousands of years. Planting miracle mangrove trees is more than a vision, it is a celebration for life on earth. Believing in a livable future is more than a dream, it is a commitment to our global village.

and are going Somwr into the future.

Dr. Arne Fjoertoft