Climate Tax

Each SOMWR product creates action for the planet.

Each will have mangroves planted to retract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and each will have plastic waste retrieved from the ocean and beaches.

There are exciting levels of activism through our collection.

Let´s take a look…

Climate Hero Products

10 Mangroves planted + 1.1kg beach/ ocean trash collected

When you wear a Climate Hero item, you are responsible for retracting 3.365 tonnes of CO2, quite a feat knowing that the 2020 global annual average CO2 emission per person is 4.47 tonnes.

According to our VCS, Verified Carbon Standard, each Mangrove retracts 673 kg CO2 over 25 years. SOMWR however uses 336.5 kg in calculations, because the other half is given for carbon credits to fund livelihood projects in the WIF Blue Carbon Climate Park.

Ocean Hero Products

1 Mangrove planted + 1.1kg beach/ ocean plastic collected

Wearing an Ocean Hero item means that you have helped collect 1.1 kg of beach/ ocean plastic, the average annual per person ocean pollution.

When you wear a Climate Hero item, you are also responsible for retracting 336.5 kg CO2. This is 27 days or almost 1 month of average global CO2 emission. Average daily CO2 emission per person is the annual global 4.47 tonne divided by 365 days, so 12.25 kg per day.